Marlen Canada

Founded in 1952, Marlen remains the oldest of the original ostomy companies operating in the United States. Today, Marlen offers the most comprehensive and innovative line of products available.

As a pioneer in the ostomy field, Marlen was the first to: Create a post-operative pouch, develop a lightweight, odor-proof plastic pouch, and introduce convexity to flat surfaced products. More recently, Marlen has continued to innovate by introducing the one-piece, disposable UltraMax product to the market. This odor-proof, leak-proof line has four flange options that include cut-to-fit or pre-cut in flat, shallow, or deep convexity. This line also introduced the Kwick-View feature which provides an easy method for seeing inside the pouch even when the back of the pouch is covered with opaque material. The recently introduced UltraMax, MiniMax has all of the features of the UltraMax Ileo Pouch but is 30% smaller. SuperFlat, a family of one-piece pouches that includes Colo, Ileo, Uro and a MiniMax version. SuperFlat It’s flattest pouch ever. The newest innovation is a line of UltraMax DEEP pouches featuring a deep convex flange in round and oval with a petal design.